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    Quote Originally Posted by jd426 View Post
    What Resorts do you go to where the Liquor in the Mini bar is Free ?
    Those Little bottles in the Mini Bar are the most OVER PRICED Liquor you could possibly ever touch .

    Which is why one person THEORIZED ( quite logically) .that a guest may have REPLACED the Liquor with something , after consuming it, so as to NOT to be CHARGED when they checked out , and then the next guest who drank that tainted stuff , paid the price ..
    A very valid and interesting theory . but it does not seem that this is how it went down after all .
    Drink 3/4 of the bottle and refill with water. The theory is it was replaced with

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    Quote Originally Posted by USA DOC View Post
    ...booze … mini bar...natural causes...the thing that counts is these people that died, belonged to the group of tourists that bring the most money to the Resorts in the DR..if a few more of this type of tourist were to die at a resort this week it would be in the news media every day for weeks, causing a high winter season disaster for the resorts and the country.. The people that are in charge of tourism in the DR should do everything possible, to not have a repeat of this financial debacle...……...Doc.....
    ...Just like I said.. only worse, in her apt. and for a T.V...…….Doc...…..

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    And the October arrivals at PC continue to slide............October 2018 there were 244,000 arrivals in PC, October 2019, for the fourth consecutive month, arrivals are down hard....coming in at 179,629.

    If this month's arrival numbers don't turn around in a big way..................the " high season" for PC looks to be a down one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SKY View Post
    Forgot this one?

    Two deaths at Hard Rock Hotel
    Two of the deaths occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana. David Harrison, 45, of Brandywine, Maryland, died at the hotel in July 2018, according to his widow, Dawn McCoy.Jun 23, 2019

    Last July, David Harrison of Maryland died at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, according to The New York Times and CNN. In April, Robert Wallace, 67, of California, died at the same resort, where he reportedly drank from the room's minibar.
    David Harrison dying was a real shocker, We had both worked for the same company in the past, and though I really didn't know him, he seemed fit as a fiddle, but also, that was a good amount of time ago.
    he passed before the whole news cycle feeding frenzy started, but even with all that, and the amount of time that's since past, we still don't have any more info on what went on. makes one wonder, doesn't it? WTF.

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