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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked_Snake View Post
    Heck, even without this initiative, I am counting on them to do so on the next decade, as soon as their country gets to achieve some stability, if ever.
    Haiti had its chance in the 19th century when they ruled Hispaniola and raped, looted and plundered the Dominican Republic at will. They entered the Dominican Republic whenever they felt like it with little to no resistance. They ruled for 22 years. If they weren't able to capitalize on that to become the dominant power today, its too late now to ever achieve stability, functionality or operational capacity.

    You can build all the schools you want, attempt an orderly transition of power as much as you want, engage the populace as much as you like and they're done. They've past the ecological tipping point from which no amount of NGO work can undo. Their economic and political structure will just disintegrate completely in time as their ecology demands it. They've mismanaged and destroyed what they gained from independence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beeza View Post
    A nice idea. Could it lead to the eventual unification of Hispaniola? Never. The Dominicans would never allow it. How many islands with shared nations live in harmony? Ireland, Cyprus, Borneo, Timor? All have history of violence.
    St. Martin/St. Maarten comes to mind.

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