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    Default DR1 Daily News - Thursday, 22 August 2019

    Next DR1 Daily News Update: Monday, 26 August 2019
    Ministry of Culture: Folklore, drama, books, poetry, merengue and art events
    Intrant says it is not receiving 25% of fines established by law
    Regional cement industry to meet in Punta Cana
    Ambassador José Tomás Pérez: How can this be?
    Was César el Abusador tipped off and has left the country?
    El Día: US requested Attorney General investigate El Abusador
    Wander Sanchez and the PRM
    Octavio Dotel's lawyer says his client is innocent
    Men who fled Mao Jail recaptured
    The tragic ending to a birthday party in a cabaña
    Jochy Santos is looking for a new TV station

    Next DR1 Daily News Update: Monday, 26 August 2019
    The next DR1 Daily News update will appear on Monday, 26 August 2019. The Monday issue will compile headline news for the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    Breaking news can be followed 24/7 in the DR1 Forums. See DR1 Forum at

    Ministry of Culture: Folklore, drama, books, poetry, merengue and art events
    The Ministry of Culture is sponsoring several cultural events for the rest of the year. During a press conference, Culture Minister Eduardo Selman shared dates of some of these.
    The planned activities are:
    24 August. National Folklore Day celebration with group performances at, including a Fraternities Meeting (Encuentro de las Cofradías) on Saturday, 24 August at 4pm, Plaza España in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo.
    5-15 September. National Theater Festival (FENATE 2019) with venues in Santo Domingo, Santiago and La Romana.
    24-27 October. 15th Regional Book & Culture Fair in Monte Plata (15ª Feria Regional del Libro y la Cultura Monte Plata 2019). Municipal park.
    7-14 November. National Poetry Festival. Several venues nationwide.
    19-30 November. Emilio Aparicio Amateur Theater Festival. Centro Cultural Narciso González in Santo Domingo.
    25 November. National No-Violence Against Women Day.
    26 November. National Merengue Day.
    14 December. Long Night of Museums. Colonial City Museums.
    19 December. Reopening of the renovated Modern Art Museum, Plaza de la Cultura.

    Intrant says it is not receiving 25% of fines established by law
    Engineer Claudia Franchesca de los Santos of the director of the National Ground Transport & Transit Institute (Intrant) wants the Intrant to gets its share of traffic fines. Law 63-17 on Mobility, Land, Transport, Transit and Road Safety establishes that the Attorney General Office should deliver 25% of the resources generated by fines to the institution. This has not been happening.

    De los Santos says the Intrant needs more money for the job of organizing traffic and making roads safe. She complained the institution has not been able to apply the transit law to generate its funds fully. She mentioned, for instance, that cargo and passenger transporters have quotas to pay. Moreso, the Intrant should be receiving funds generated by permits issued to authorize taxi operation.

    De los Santos also mentioned Intrant should be collecting funds from driver licenses issuance and vehicle inspections.

    She also said that fines for drunk driving are high. She noted the law allows for fining drunk drivers with RD$50,000-RD$100,000. A pilot test is ongoing to alert people to the fines.

    She says that the transit law established most of the Intrant funds would come from self-generated actions, not from the allotment under the Ministry of Public Works.

    Regional cement industry to meet in Punta Cana
    The Dominican cement industry will produce more than 4.8 million metric tons of cement this year for the domestic or export markets, a record for the local industry.

    Adriano Brunetti and Julissa Báez shared the statistic on the occasion of announcing the upcoming meeting of the regional cement industry in Punta Cana. The country will be hosting the XXXVI FICEM 2019 Technical Congress organized by the Inter-American Cement Federation (Ficem) in Punta Cana from 2-4 September. Brunetti is the president of the Dominican Association of Cement Producers (Adocem) and Julissa Báez is the executive director.

    Brunetti says the local industry can produce all the cement that the local market demands. "We can produce 8 million metric tons," he said. This should meet the domestic and export demand for the next 15 years.

    He estimated the local demand to be around 4.8 million and that there is a demand for another million metric tons for export to the Caribbean, including Haiti. He said Dominican cement is the lowest priced in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    He explained that the country has gone from being a net importer of cement to becoming self-sufficient and exporting around 20% of its production.

    Around 400 representatives of the Latin American, Iberoamerican and Caribbean cement industry will be meeting in Punta Cana for the regional congress. The latest technologies and trends in the industry will be presented. There will be talks on corporate social responsibility and environment-friendly production processes. International experts on sustainability and cement production processes will be speaking and exhibiting during the event.

    Ficem members in the Dominican Republic are Cemex, Argos, Domicem, Cementos Cibao, Cementos Santo Domingo.

    Ambassador José Tomás Pérez: How can this be?
    The Dominican ambassador to the United States, José Tomás Pérez has tweeted asking for a credible explanation for the government laissez-faire regarding the drug capo César Emilio Peralta (a.k.a. César El Abusador) scandal.

    Pérez's statement came after the US Treasury announced it will be applying the Kingpin Act to Peralta and his drug trafficking organization. In the Dominican Republic, the Attorney General held a press conference to announce the dismantling of the capo's drug network in the country.

    "Arrested with drugs several times and free, accused of harming several people and free, dozens of illegal business and free, chief of all drug traffickers and free. But devil! Give me a credible explanation for this madness!" said Pérez on Twitter.

    Local media have published a long list of criminal actions by Peralta over the past 20 years. Over all those years, Peralta enjoyed privileged impunity.

    On his Twitter account, Pérez asked for a credible explanation to the crime situation now in the open.

    Perez is a member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

    Was César el Abusador tipped off and has left the country?
    A report in El Nacional newspaper says acting US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) chief Uttam Dhillon personally delivered to the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) authorities the file on drug capo Cesar Emilio Peralta in a visit he made to the country on 18 July 2019.

    As reported in El Nacional, shortly after, Peralta was tipped off about the interest of the United States government in his arrest. The source told the newspaper: "Cesar El Abusador was alerted by an influential person, a military or civilian, of what was coming. El Nacional reported that the same person would have recommended Peralta immediately leave the country."

    The file for the raid on Peralta's businesses was issued on Thursday, 15 August, but the actual sweep was delayed to Tuesday, 20 August. El Nacional speculated that Peralta had left the country with his family and close collaborators after spending the weekend at a resort in Punta Cana.

    El Nacional reported that the Office of Control of Foreign Assets of the US Treasury has designated Peralta as a significant foreign narcotics trafficker under the Kingpin Act.

    During his visit to the Dominican Republic, the acting administrator of the DEA met with DNCD president Felix Alburquerque Comprés. Dhillon was accompanied on the visit by special agent in charge of the Caribbean Division, Apolonio Collazo; DEA country attaché, Carl A Shirer; Robyn Thiemann, chief of staff, US Department of Justice; and Hayley Conklin, special advisor to the DEA acting administrator.

    In its coverage of the case, online portal N Digital corroborates that the order for the sweep on the assets of Cesar Emilio Peralta was issued by judge Alejandro Vargas of the Oficina de Atención Permanente del Distrito Nacional on Thursday, giving Peralta ample time to disappear since the raid was not carried out until Tuesday, 20 August.

    N Digital reports that Peralta was seen that weekend at the Hard Rock Punta Cana during the Latin Music Tour music presentations surrounded by beautiful women enjoying the performances of Los Hermanos Rosario, Raulín, Víctor Manuelle, Ala Jaza, Omega, El Alfa, La Insuperable, Bulín 47 and -DJ Alex Sensation. The online portal says that Peralta was seen enjoying the hotel's disco at night with splashy attire and the beach during the day with a white hat.

    N Digital reports that now César El Abusador is officially the most sought after capo by the Dominican and US authorities. Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez has describes him as the head of the most powerful drug trafficking and money laundering network.

    El Dia in its Thursday, 22 August issue, reports on the extensive criminal empire that "Cesar El Abusador" freehandedly operated in the Dominican Republic. It reports that Cesar El Abusador and his accomplices openly displayed their life of luxury in the country on social media, with ample photos showing their luxury vehicles and how they indulged in costly alcoholic beverages in discotheques.

    The Attorney General would announce that on Wednesday, 21 August 2019 an impediment to leave the country was notified to port authorities.

    Altagracia Salazar on her Sin Maquillaje talk show on 22 August 2019 observed that César El Abusador is married to the sister of the widow of former Santo Domingo East mayor Juan de los Santos. President Danilo Medina called a day of mourning in 2015, when De los Santos was murdered by a disgruntled employee. De los Santos is best known for expanding the sports betting business all throughout the Dominican Republic.

    El Día: US requested Attorney General investigate El Abusador
    A cover story in El Día on 22 August 2019 reveals that the United States had requested cooperation on 16 July 2019 from the Dominican Attorney General for an investigation into the criminal activities of drug capo César Emilio Peralta (a.k.a. César El Abusador). The request came after rumors circulated that Peralta was in some way involved in the shooting of Boston Red Sox retired player, David Ortiz in an eastern Santo Domingo nightclub. The Attorney General and the Police left Peralta out of the investigations and conclusions of the David Ortiz shooting on 9 June 2019 in a bar in eastern Santo Domingo.

    El Día reports that the investigation that the Attorney General Office would carry out following up on the US request for collaboration has now unveiled a major structure for laundering of assets primarily at nightclubs where important urban artists from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico would frequently perform.

    The US government has requested the extradition of Cesar Emilio Peralta and others involved in the crime ring.
    An editorial in Diario Libre observes that the prosecution against major crime in the Dominican Republic has been originated in an interest expressed by the United States government. The newspaper editorial acknowledges the transglobal nature of drug trafficking and corruption today. Nevertheless, it observes that Cesar El Abusador's criminal activities in the country were vox populi. Diario Libre says that the César El Abusador news has revived the interest of the US press in the case of David Ortiz and the "strange explanation" that his shooting was but a case of mistaken identity.

    Warnel Sanchez and the PRM
    The president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), José Ignacio Paliza has had some hard explaining to do regarding Boanerges Sánchez Nolasco (a.k.a. Warnel Sanchez, W La Letra), a party member who aspired to be senator for the largest opposition party in eastern Hato Mayor. Sánchez had campaigned for pre-candidate to senator for the PRM for the province of Hato Mayor.

    Paliza, who is the senator for Puerto Plata, said that the party had carried out all the usual background checks on Sanchez.

    It now happens that Warnel Sanchez (a.k.a. "Warnel", W La Letra) is on the list of the US Treasury Kingpin Act-designated individuals for being part of the Drug Trafficking Operation of capo Cesar Emilio Peralta.

    The show business promoter and budding politician happens to be the brother of a former spokesman for the party in the Chamber of Deputies, PRM deputy Rolando Sanchez.

    The president of the PRM, Jose Ignacio Paliza, denies that Sanchez was a pre-candidate. He said the party had reserved the senator seat for the province. But Paliza did not name who the party had in mind for the nomination.

    The recent exposure by the government of the Cesar Emilio Peralta drug trafficking network is evidence that crime has not been a priority for the present administration, Paliza said in an interview on the Sol de la Mañana morning radio talk show.

    Octavio Dotel's lawyer says his client is innocent
    An investigation carried out by the Attorney General Office (Public Ministry) in the Dominican Republic accuses former Major League Baseball player Octavio Dotel of being a front for drug trafficking money laundering operations by drug capo Cesar Emilio Peralta (a.ka. César El Abusador). Octavio Dotel has defended his innocence in the case.

    The Attorney General Office revealed this week that the retired ballplayer used his condition as a former baseball player to legitimize large amounts of money and properties.

    On 21 August 2019, Dotel's defense counsel Fredermido Ferreras called the accusations a show used to hide the real criminals. Ferreras countered that the person who should be being processed for money laundering in the United States is the Attorney General himself who he says has fast accumulated enormous wealth. (see minute 16)

    Men who fled Mao Jail recaptured
    The Public Ministry announced the capture of six of the 11 men who had escaped from the Mao Jail. The men fled the Mao Jail on 19 August. The arrested were identified as Michael García, Heriberto Reyes, Félix Rafael Reyes, Manuel Antonio Berigüete Gómez (El Gallo Negro), Dariel Rodríguez (Maconqui), Alberto García (Rabo Loco). The Police is on the trail of Félix Danny Morales Devora, Daniel Alexander Polanco Suero, Junior Peña Jiménez (Picapra), Amalfi Rafael Hernández and Cecilio Rodríguez.

    Tragic ending to a birthday party in a cabaña
    The National Police is investigating the case of two teenagers who died and six other youths that were hospitalized after being intoxicated in a cabaña in La Altagracia province. The eight had reportedly gathered to celebrate a birthday.

    The dead were identified as Oliberto Morel, 15, and Horaimy Ruíz Ceballos. Both died from intoxication with a yet unidentified substance. The Police suspect a mixture of cocaine and carbon dioxide. A gray Kia was found still turned on in the terrace of the room the boys had booked. The Police is awaiting the results of the autopsies by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif)

    The hospitalized youths are José Miguel Cedano Pérez, 20, Starlin Marizan, 23, and four minor girls , all affected by intoxication.

    The cabaña is on the Higüey-La Otra Banda road. Three employees at the cabaña are under arrest for the investigation.

    Jochy Santos is looking for new TV station
    TV host Jochy Santos is looking for a new station for his long-running TV show "Divertido con Jochy." The program would have celebrated its 5th anniversary on the Telemicro Channel 5 this September, but differences in the scheduling of the station of the program have Santos shopping for another station.

    The Jochy Santos Sunday show was changed from the afternoon (from noon to 3pm) to an evening schedule from 10:30 pm to 12 midnight. This has not sat well with the producer, yet the split was unexpected. Santos would only have time to communicate this by social media. There would not be a goodbye program on Channel 5.

    Santos is optimistic he will find another channel. He told digital portal Luminarias TV: "There are 20,000 channels, not only one," he said.

    Santos got his start in Telecentro, Channel 13 (on 18 September 1999). In 2004 he moved to Telesistema, Channel 11. And from there, he moved to Telemicro, five years ago.
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