Air travel down 11% in September
Vinci operations in the DR see 10% growth in the third quarter
DR in the Argentinean travel show
Skift says brands can help boost confidence in Dominican vacations

Air travel down 11% in September
Non-resident air travel to the Dominican Republic in September 2019 was slightly down from September 2018. Overall, non-resident tourist arrivals by air (including foreigners and non-resident Dominicans) were 323,662 visitors in September 2019, a decline of 41,706 passengers (11.4%) compared to September 2018.

The numbers released by the Central Bank compare the 4,987,698 air arrivals for January to September 2019 to the 5,009,417 air arrivals that came during the first nine months in 2019. The 21,719 fewer air arrivals represent less than half percent decline.

The Central Bank acknowledges the negative media campaign followed in the North American press and economic problems in Europe as the main reasons for the decline in the usual upwards growth trend for Dominican tourism. The Caribbean region also was affected by stormy weather alerts that caused flight cancellations in September.

The Central Bank says that non-resident Dominicans increased their visits 14.6% in September, compensating for the 121,216 drop in foreign visitors, or 2.8%.

60.6% of visitors to the Dominican Republic came from North America (Canada, USA and Mexico). 22.3% is from Europe, 12.6% from South America and 4.2% from Central America and the Caribbean.

As of September 2019, air arrivals from North America are down 1.7% or 42,941 fewer air arrivals. There were 33,148 fewer travelers from the United States and 18,538 less from Canada.

Punta Cana International Airport continues to be the main port of entry, with 2,782,285 arrivals so far this year. Las Americas International (Santo Domingo) follows with 709,994 entries; Puerto Plata 308,828; Cibao International (Santiago) 191,409; La Romana International 135,259; Samana International 65,813; and La Isabela International (Santo Domingo) 13,732.

The Central Bank poll reveals that 94.9% of visitors came for leisure, with 93.2% saying they would be staying at hotels. 59.3% of arrivals were 21 to 49 years old, 54.4% were women and 45.6% men.

15 October 2019

Vinci operations in the DR see 10% growth in the third quarter
Vinci Airports reported on 11 October 2019 that the airports operated by their affiliate Aerodom in the Dominican Republic exceeded 10% growth in passenger numbers for the third quarter of the year. The increase is attributed mainly to diversification in transport services and a focus on the quality of operation.

Overall, Vinci reports that operations at airports operated by them in Asia, Europe and the Americas are up 6.9%. The summer has been good for most of its airports. During the third quarter of 2019, the company's 46 airports served 72 million passengers.

Aerodom had reported above-average numbers for the first half of the year. In the first half of the year, passenger traffic at the international airports managed and operated by Aerodom grew 9.5% more than in the same period last year and totaled 2,821 million passengers.

The best-performing Aerodom airports were La Isabela International Airport that recorded a first half of the year growth of 92.8%. Las Americas International Airport also grew 13.2%.

Aerodom also operates the Gregorio Luperon International Airport in Puerto Plata and the El Catey International Airport in Samana.

15 October 2019

DR in Argentine travel show
Speaking during the International Tourism Fair (FIT) Latin America in Argentina, Deputy Tourism Minister Fausto Fernández highlighted how Argentina is an important source market for tourists to the Dominican Republic. He said Argentines make up the most Latin American travelers. He said travel of Argentines to the Dominican Republic has grown in a sustained way over the past 10 years. He said in the past three years, over 1.3 million Argentines have visited.

"More and more, our Argentine brothers prefer the Dominican Republic as their favorite destination," said Deputy Minister Fernandez.

The Dominican Republic was the guest country at the 2019 version of the fair. Fernández expressed his gratitude to the Argentine people for their warm welcome. "We have long had very good relationship and this year we are here precisely to continue strengthening this," said the official.

The FIT is a meeting place that brings together great professionals from the tourism sector, providing the opportunity to concretize business, plan strategies and expand their services.
More than 1700 exhibitors participated in the 24th edition. The general public enjoys the cultures of different countries, with multiple recreational activities, tastings of typical dishes, musical presentations and the best proposals of tourist destinations.

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15 October 2019

Skift says brands can help boost confidence in Dominican vacations
A feature in Skift travel intelligence report focuses on how major US brands are investing heavily in the Dominican destinations. The Dominican Republic got its start when less known European brands opened resorts, but as of 2015, it is the US brands that are entering the market in full force. Many US brands are adding their versions of all-inclusive resorts. Skift looks into new openings by Marriott International, the Four Seasons and Palace Resorts, and the debuts of Hyatt and Hilton.

"What's done is done as it relates to the tourism dollars lost in the Dominican Republic this summer. The country is fighting perception at this point, but instead of blaming the media, it should look at local travel industry partners as a means to help regain consumer confidence," writes Danni Santana for Skift.

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15 October 2019