Busy Busy
Posted on January 23, 2020by meemselle

Yes, Gentle Readers, I know. It’s been a long time between these Few Words. Events, not to mention weather, have conspired against me, and my diminutive fingers have not danced across my keyboard with the same celerity as in the past.

But I heard somewhere—and it couldn’t have been a place I normally frequent—that even when one really doesn’t wish to, one must push oneself. This sounds suspiciously upbeat and optimistic, and trust me: this is NOT a theory to which I subscribe. I am all about doing the bare minimum at all times. All that “pick yourself up and push yourself forward” is not a Meemish theory. I am a firm believer in wallowing, and I pride myself on my wallowing skills. There are very few people who wallow as well.

But sometimes, at the end of another day here in this Dusty Whore Town I Call Home, if the only accomplishment to which I can point is doing the dishes…..well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I’ve therefore embarked on a campaign of Busy-Ness. Not busy myself, Lord no. But keeping a host of others busy on my behalf. Brillant, n’est-ce pas?

Here’s how it works:

Although I moved back to the Mango Penthouse in July, there are still some unresolved issues in terms of home decor. So in the interest of Busy-Ness, I made a few phone calls. Within hours, a horde of worker-bees had been scheduled to attend to such tasks as purchasing and installing a curtain rod; putting in the electrical thing so that my chandelier could stop living in a box and go back to living over my table where she belongs; the showerhead was moved from its place somewhere in the stratosphere to a place more appropriate to hitting my actual body with water; the surge-protector thingies that are supposed to keep my refrigerator safe for kosher chickens have been installed (it involved screws and such horrors); suitcases have been moved to the part of the closet so far above my head that I cannot see it, giving new meaning to “out of sight, out of mind;” and all of the pictures that still need to be hung are gathered in one spot.

Darlinos: I am exhausted from merely listing these tasks! Imagine the terrible strain it took direct! And to think that all of this was effected while still managing to schedule in the lady who cleans once a week and arranging pickup and delivery of laundry… can see that Busy-Ness is a full-time avocation.

Busy-Ness also has to account for my extremely full social life, which includes many hours of obsessive socialistic newspaper reading; deep and extensive recipe research, particularly if prompted by my current reading (hence, the focus on spotted dick); clandestine and very important surveillance work Googling anybody who ever ****ed me off; long dinners with a multitude of like-minded individuals; the overwhelming discipline of up to 15 minutes per day spent washing dishes; and careful monitoring of the state of the Ellenberg millions.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage it all.