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    Default Car Booted - POP Parking Lot

    Breaking news....

    My friend has just returned from 10 days away... he left his car in the lot

    It is booted.....

    Insult to injury... he missed the NYC-POP flight and was rerouted to STI
    The Uber boys argue about the price - they double it...
    AND add a cancellation fee to the deal..... of course

    It's a saga - in progress.........

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    No explanation yet but he has been released

    My take is that they do this to prevent the old 'Lost Ticket' trick
    Fees are 250 for 1st day and 50/day thereafter

    10 days comes to about 700 DOP
    Lost ticket is about 450.....

    Here's my original thread (which should be merged)

    william webster william webster is online now
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    Default Long Term Parking - POP
    My friend has parked at POP for 10 days...

    Nowhere - do I see the posted I asked at the booth today

    Something like 250 DOP day 1 - and 50 DOP daily thereafter

    However, the 'lost ticket' penalty is about 475 DOP

    AHA!! say I !!!!

    I tell my friend to go the cheap route....
    Now this is a guy is has met everybody.. Liz Taylor, Weinstein, Epstein.... u name it !!

    He responds ---
    Oh No!!
    Johnny Bryan tried that at Heathrow...
    got booted out of the UK for a loooong time

    The name Johnny Bryan may ring a bell w/ some of you -
    Right !
    The infamous Fergie toe sucker...described then as a Texas financier
    Wrong !!
    His father was CEO of some big pharma company - he's a ne'er do well.... playboy
    Charming but useless - (yes, I have met him)

    I maintain he was booted from the UK for his notoriety.... not his penchant for cheating the parking lot

    We'll see how strong my friend's resolve is.... when he hits the ticket wicket !!


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