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    I'm trying to imagine somebody else telling me how I should spend my hard-earned money in my later years...

    Would not end well..

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    He apparently gets enjoyment from what he spends his money on ! That's the main thing for an old codger. I'm eighty 80 and spend only what i need for comfort and food. Diffrent STROAKS for Diffrent FOLKS. Hope he is happy with life that is what counts when it is getting close to the pearly gates.

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    His family has some options under Dominican law: going to court to declare him incompetent or, less burdensome, have him declared "pródigo" ("spendthrift") under Article 513 of the Civil Code. In the latter case, he would need approval of a "consultor judicial" to spend money.
    Fabio J. Guzman
    Guzman Ariza
    Sos�a, Santo Domingo, San Francisco de Macor�s, Cabrera
    Las Terrenas, Saman�, B�varo (Punta Cana) and La Romana
    Dominican Republic

    [email protected]


    The opinion above should not be construed to be formal legal advice and was given without reviewing the facts and documents pertinent to the case. The reader should NOT act based upon this opinion without seeking professional counsel.

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