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I am not sure if people are broke after the Christmas holiday, or if there is an uptick in crime, but this is a post just to remind people to keep their "street smarts"

If any of the incidents happened in isolation, I would not bother to write this, but since this all happened in one trip, I feel I should give everyone a warning to keep their eyes and ears open and stay alert.
Very good advice by the OP.
If you get too comfortable and lower your guard the chance of becoming a victim increases a lot.

But I do not see that crime has increased in the 22 years I have traveled here. On the contrary, tourist places seem safer now than back then. Both my personal experience and the official statistics I have found support this.

From Observatorio de Seguridad Ciudadana regarding citizen security

The main indicators that are routinely used to measure the situation of citizen security in the Dominican Republic have been showing a gradual trend towards improved figures. Taking the indicator of intentional homicides as a reference - since the quality of this data is considered at high levels -, it can be affirmed that, at least since 2011, the country has managed to reduce the amount of homicides by almost half.

I like to steer my behaviour by rational decisions. Of course I go to restaurants at night like the other tourists.

On the more dangerous side, I also drive a car, but very well aware the risks on the roads, especially nights in the weekends. Road accidents are not reduced and a very real concern.