Here is a Rap Lingo Dictionary for ya... the examples are the best:

a minute - phrase - A relatively short interval of time. "Vanilla Ice hasn't had a hit in a minute."

dog (dawg) - noun - 1.) A man who is unfaithful or treats his female partners unchivalrously. "My ex-boyfriend is such a dog." (2.) One's compatriot or comrade. "I'm just hanging with my dogs, watching 'Trading Spaces.'" (3) Verb: To insult or criticize. "My friends are dogging me for buying the new Yanni CD, but I don't care."

floss - (floss) - verb - To live a luxurious or decadent lifestyle. "Since he got his Hamptons house, my dentist is really flossing."

heezy (hee-zee) - noun - 1.) The house (literally and figuratively.) "If that's how you're going to act, I'm taking my toys and going back up in the heezy." 2.) The hook (figuratively), as in "off the hook," or spectacular. "Man, that new Celine Dion track was off the heezy!"

fo sheezy (fo shee-zee) - interjection - For sure; certainly. See also fo shizzle. "Dairy products are an important source of calcium, fo sheezy."

fo shizzle (fo shi-zul) - interjection - For sure; certainly. See also fo sheezy. "Spinach is an excellent source of iron, fo sheezy."

ice (ice) - noun - Diamonds. "I'm having my ice appraised at the jeweler's."

iced out (iced owt) - adj. phrase - Bedecked in diamonds. "Liz Taylor was really iced out at that charity gala."

mad (mad) - adverb - Very; extremely; or, a great deal of. "Martha Stewart's got mad recipes in her magazine."

playa (play-uh) - noun - A charming ladies' man or Casanova; also, one who lives a luxurious or affluent lifestyle. "Former President Bill Clinton is a true playa."

props (props) - plural noun - Accolades; credit for work well done. "Dad deserves mad props for lowering his cholesterol level."

rock - verb - To wear or sport. "Grandpa was rocking his plaid pants on the golf course today."

ya heard? - interjection - Used for rhetorical emphasis when conveying a point. "The stock market is definitely going to rebound in the fourth quarter, ya heard?"