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    One of the nicest city in DR is Santiago. Yet it also has one of the nastiest district: Los Pedajes. The map of Santiago has this labeled as a tourist attraction. Are they serious?

    The only product I would buy there is anything sealed by nature: mangos, avacados, whatever. But anything chopped, cut or just altered by those venders, forget it. I don't know how the residents of that place do not mind the mess that is left infront of their home after the market has closed. One has to walk on our tip toes and aware of the skating conditions.

    Has any one been there lately? Have the conditions improved? Has this been brought up to the major for evaluation? I'm just looking for a sign of hope. If I was the major I would have the matter resolved in a second.
    Just stating my frustration!

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    Firs of all I think the name of the place is El Hospedaje, and I'm prety sure it's still the same....nasty. I wouldn't recommend a tourist to go there at all. However, Hillbilly might be a better point of reference as I haven't been to Santiago lately.


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