1. Ambassador Brown

Many years ago there was an awful ambassador named brown. A total misfit, he was also a racist to boot.
One evening, at a reception, he greeted everone with these words: "My name is Brown, B-R-O-W-N. I am white from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. And I really don't like dark people."

This went on, with great embarassment to all, until an elderly Dominican gentleman, quite light skinned, came in. After receiving the greeting, he replied: "My name is Perez, P-E-R-E-Z, and I am white from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, except for my asshole which is Brown, B-R-O-W-N."

2. One day Peña Gómez was going to give a press conference in New York. He was all excited and had hired a public relations person to help him overcome his fears of rejection. The PR person advised him that because of his very large lips, he should smile and say "Pepsi" to reduce the obvious.
Peña practiced the whole flight, but when the door opened and he saw the huge multitude of well wishers, he forgot, and said""Coca-Cola!"

Dominican folklore-political and otherwise are full of color related jokes. Within the DR these are not considered to be anything other than funny..Please do not be offended..