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    Default Three little ones

    these have been around a while but worth a giggle or two..

    A guy wins the lottery and runs home.
    Upon entering the door he yells to his girlfriend,
    "Pack your bags *NOW* baby, I just won the lottery!!!"

    She responds, "Great, should I pack for the beach or mountains?"

    He tells her, "I don't give a ****, just get the hell out!!!"


    Two couples decide to spend the weekend away together at a posh hotel.
    When they get there, one guy suggests they indulge in partner-swapping
    as a trial.

    After 2 hours of solid sex by the fireside, the guy turned to his
    new partner and said, "Wow! This is the very best sex I had in years:
    I wonder how the girls are doing?"


    As she lay there dozing next to me, one voice inside my
    head kept saying, "Relax...; you are NOT the first
    doctor to sleep with one of his patients.

    But, another
    voice kept reminding me, "Hillbilly, you are a veterinarian!"


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    worth 3 giggles!!


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