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Thread: Normal blond joke

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    Default Normal blond joke

    Thefirst time I saw this one, I did hoot..maybe you will...

    Put down the coffee...

    Stephanie, a young blonde was taking her first
    airplane flight. About one hour into the flight
    the pilot announced over the intercom, "One of
    our four engines is out, we will be about fifteen
    minutes late arriving."

    Stephanie, continued to read her "Glamour"
    magazine. About 30 miniutes later the pilot
    came on the intercom again and said, "There
    is a second engine out, we will be about thirty
    miniutes late."

    The Blonde passenger, looked up a bit concerned
    but returned to reading her magazine. Fifteen
    minutes after that the pilot once again came on
    the intercom and said, "I'm sorry to say that
    there is a third engine out, we'll be about one
    hour late arriving at our destination."

    Blonde Stephanie turned to the man sitting
    next to her and said, "Boy if that forth
    engine goes out, we'll be up here all day."


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    I've had that happen to me.



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