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    Question Living in SD for 1 year?

    Yeah, i know you guys probably get those kinda questions all the time, but I'll still ask it again...

    I'm from Switzerland, 20 years old, and looking to stay in the DR for 1, maybe 2 years, possibly work as an english teacher. I'm fluent in english, do hold 2 diplomas, and also speak spanish quite fluently (got a colombian girlfriend ), German and Swiss perfectly, and French alright, although not up to the degree of perfection.

    I've read all the articles about finding a job on this site, but I suppose it won't hurt to ask some people who live there/have lived there. Honestly, what are the chances of finding a job as a teacher in Santo Domingo? Or what other city would you people recommend to me? The only thing that really matters to me is the fact that I NEED an ocean, I'm an absolute fan of watersports...I suppose SD is the best city for a start, or am I mistaken?

    thanx in advance for any tips/comments...


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    Did you search the archives for the salary paid teachers of English? If you did, you know that pay is very low. There have been several threads on this in past 4 or 5 months. Your command of so many languages could be an asset. You might consider investiigating the possibility of work at some of the larger resorts in watersports.

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    Check out the Intenational school of Ssua im not sure the web site is that exactly ,I do know most of the teachers are foreiners and the pay is excellent,good luck

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    Default Good advice

    Rizzo, you're likely to be much better off getting a job involving your water sports hobbies than teaching in S.D., and trying to get to the beach every so often.

    The amount of time you're likely going to need to work to pay rent and feed yourself will leave little time for the beach - which your at least 30-40 minutes away from.

    If you can get a job on the beach doing your hobbies, you're going to find yourself having to decide if 1 year is enough.

    The North Coast is abundant for kite boarding, windsurfing, kayaking and likely surfing - I haven't found those spots yet.

    Good luck.


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