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    Default apartments

    When in the DR, how does one go about about renting one of those one room/one window/small bathroom type of "apartments," that i have seen throughout SD and other parts of the island. I'd imagine that in general the rent has got to be cheap for these types of places, and usually there not in the best neighborhood, but despite that i still would like to know what the general proccess for getting a not so pretty/not so pricey place to live in the DR. And if anyone knows the range of rent prices for small apartments, obviously there is a huge range, but i'm more interested in the cheapest place i can get while still being able to live in a neighborhood where i can dar la vuelta after dark without mi pistola. OK-thanks to all for taking the time to read this and for your helpful insights. This sight has been very helpful for me in considering a move to DR.
    Also, if anyone has places in the DR that they rent out that would be available after Jan 1, i'd be very interested in hearing about them. I look forward to your responses. Thank you.


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    What part of the DR are you interested in?

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    Default apartment prices

    i am also interested in an apartment in San Pedro. Can you help?


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