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    To those looking for "conneccion por cable", I can tell you we've (my husband and I) had Aster for a few months now and have not had any problems. The price is fairly reasonable. We only pay 640 a month. Getting them to come here was actually very quick compared to other Dominican services. As many of you probably know getting phone service can take weeks if not months but Aster came within a week and a half or something like that.

    I do agree that the website does not have alot of information but I do hear that as far as cable with aster they do have alot of channels to offer and the service is great. Again, this was told to me from someone that has both the cable and internet service. I myself can only say that we've had no problems with aster internet for as long as we've had it. Not yet at least. In this country you never know.....

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    i have telecable for 10 years and they service is very bad i install aster abut 2 month a go and i have to say from the day i make the contract to the time they install in my home was less then
    24 h cod not bileve it my self es for the prograns of aster 100% better then telecable ............its abut time they will have samting good in the dr


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