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    Default Buying A Car In This Country...

    I am new to this country from the USA and I am looking at buying a car here. Does anyone know what the cost of shipping a car here would be and what would one pay in taxes to enter the country? I am trying to determine a fair price on a 1998 Rav4 that I have been looking at. They seem to be much more expensive here than in the USA and I want to understand how much more expensive they should be.

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    Talking Hola NewDomino!!!!

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    NewDomino, the question of shipping a car comes up often on this board. And the response always is don't even attempt it unless you have the very best political connections. More than one person has left a car on the dock in Miami when they realized how much they would have to pay to get it out of customs. You will save yourself time, energy, emotional stability, and money if you buy a car here. Also, keep in mind that cars hold their value here much better than in the US.

    See, for example

    You'll find a lot more on subject in dr1 archives if you do a search for importing a vehicle
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