Hello to the whole DR1 community. It's nice to be back. Yea, right.
Anyway, here's my trip summary to Samana. We left Santiago on Monday 19th and headed north. Had some fried fish at Johana's
and washed down with pleanty of cold Presidente. Then we kept on going. Our next stop was at Cabarete, but not in the city. We pulled over to a small plaza where some people were playing pool. Had some more Presidente. Next stop was at Nagua where we re-fueled and kept heading to Samana. Driving thru the highway with cocunut trees on both sides, it was a beautiful scenary. Watchig the wages break with such majestic force and that nice breeze. Finally we arrived at Samana in the late evening. After arranging lodging at a hotel near Codetel and Supermercado Popular, we decided to explore the town. We had some frituras outdoor while watching the NYY play. Then it was time to rest, so we headed to the hotel. Next morning we went to the dock where we met Eliseo, a local guide. He told us about Cayo Levantado and after agreeing on fares he took us to the Cayo. When we got there, we spoked to this lady that sells lobsters. We ordered two per capita at RD 200 pesitos. What a bargain !!!. We spent the day there then about 3 pm it was time to head back to Santiago. It was a very nice trip..

Adios for now.

Zeus (primus inter pares)