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    Default How bad was everybody's Power Last Night?

    In Costambar it stunk.

    Power went out about 6pm. Generator backup cut off as well about 2am. Generator cam back on around 10am this morning. Power came back on at noon today!

    Did anyone else experience such blackouts last night? Around 2am or so everyones generator cut off. I went outside on the balcony and it was pitch black.

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    Default Cofresi - same story - "Armas"

    The public power went off at @ 8:00 PM on Sat. 5 July; as I write [@ 1:00 PM, Sun. 6 July] it has not yet returned. Why? Thank God for invertors! What causes private generators [plantas] to top functioning? Edenorte? Lack of fuel? Some mystical force? Hippolito? Also, at @ 8:00 PM Sat. night there were huge raod blocks in the Costambar - Zona Franca area; 50 - 100 - 150 police & military; aid to be looking for "armas"??

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    Parts of Sosua (My street among others) over 24 hrs. sin luz. Nice deal you made Sr. Leonel, selling CDE to those thieving spaniards. .

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    Default You're lucky...............

    ...............GirlieGirl that you're new to Costambar. I would say that it has only been about 1 year since we in Costambar have had any decent power. Before that it was like that EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it will not start again!


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