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    I appreciate the information that we have received regarding the rowing venue at the games especially the help that Dolores has given. My concern is that by staying at a hotel close to the rowing competition it appears to be difficult to take in any other events. Conversly by staying in Boca Chica(where I am now booked) it seems it will be difficult to go to the rowing venue unless I take a taxi which will cost around$120US round trip.Also I would prefer not to rent a car. Are there no buses to take spectators to some of the outlying events.? I can't be the only person with this problem. If there are buses how does one go about catching them? Thanks.

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    There is public transportation from Santo Domingo to Bonao regularly. The same bus may also take you to Sabana del Puerto, from where it is a two kilometer drive to the rowing center. If you have the time this can be done for cheap -- talking about less than US$5.

    You would have to check once in Santo Domingo, if transportation to the East Park and Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center facility will be offered to non-delegate or athlete visitors. Maybe your hotel will offer some kind of shuttle to get you into Santo Domingo. Once in Santo Domingo, the mini-buses leave regularly from Duarte Highway. Your taxi can drop you off where you can pick one up and get to Bonao/Sabana del Puerto, and from there, you may need to take a motorcycle taxi or friendly driver may give you a lift to the game site.

    We will try to get info on transportation options, but so far all this has been difficult to get. We figure the Pan Am Games people are still fine-tuning what will be offered.

    Once you are up in the rowing facility, there always is the possibility someone will let you ride with them back to Santo Domingo, and from there you can catch a bus to Boca Chica. There is a stop near Plaza Lama on 27 Febrero and Winston Churchill.


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