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    Default Moving to the Dominican Republic #2

    I know that similar topic is alredy posted here, but I really need any kind of help.

    I`m 28 y/o guy, live in Serbia (have you heard about Serbia? :-) small beautiful country in Europe, near Greece and Italy) and I`m planning to move to the Dominican Republic.
    Don`t have any degree but have experience in web design, computer software and similar stuff. Speak English and little bit of Spanish (for now). For the first time I can do anything to pay rent and bills, but my wish is to find a job with computers. I don`t have idea to get rich, just wanna live normally.
    And how much money will I need every mounth to affort myself some kind of normally modern life there? (one bedroom apartment in Santo Domingo or some other town, average monthly utility bills...)

    Any advice, any help is important for me. So, thanx a lot!!!


    P.S. Did I mention that I`m a gay? Well, I`m. One totally normal, streight looking and acting gay guy who wants to spend his life on some gorgeous places. One of the places will be Dominican Republic for sure!

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    As Tim would say.

    Wecome to DR1
    Search, search then search again.
    There's a wealth of info right here in this LIVING forum. Read it all.


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