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Thread: Suppose they held the 2003 PanAm games in the DR,and NOBODY came?

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    Question Suppose they held the 2003 PanAm games in the DR,and NOBODY came?

    Sadly,they DID!!!!!! I was watching the "games" Saturday,and there were no people in the stands! Maybe a few family members,but it was really sad! Even the baseball games are very poorly attended! My wife said that Dominicans would rather drink beer on the weekend,than watch sports!
    There was virtually no one at the :Women's Basketball,beach vollyball,vollyball,table tennis,and the Olimpic Stadium was emply for the best of the Track & Field events!!!! I bet the PanAm Games Committee rues the day they were talked into coming here! How must the athletes feel,after training for years,and then nobody comes to see them perform!?????
    Did we expect anything more?????????????????????

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    Default nobody cares

    I live in NY where there is a large Dominican population and I have not heard a thing of the pan am games except what I read on here. Nothing on the news..nothing. Nobody gives a **** about them, including me.


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    Just finished first Horse sport, ''Dressage.'' This is not Normally well attended in the US. DR had the stands full. It is in a distant sight between campos and barrio. There is not much room for parking or spectators but they were there and cheering loudly Next is Show [horse] jumping which is popular, and it should be totally crazy.

    BTW congradulations on DR bronze

    bye DR, -k


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