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    I'm looking for a particular cigar manufactured here in this country but can't find them.
    They are called Fuente Fuente (Opus X), Robusto, Double Corona.
    My buddy who wants them says he's going to tell my ex-wife where to find me if I don't send him some.
    Please help me.

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    You won't find them in the DR, the apparently export 100% of those varieties.
    Good cigar shop in the States should have them.

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    Opus X are very pricey, and you should be forewarned about getting knockoffs. I'm no cigar aficionado, but in some cases you do get what you pay for.

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    You should know that 100% of the production of Tabacalera Fuente goes to the newman's in Tampa. From there it is distributed.
    You willnot find any Opus X inthe DR, EXCEPT at Jose Lima's cigar shop at Hotel Lina or at the Santo Domingo Cigr Club. Be prepared to pay three times the going price in NYC or any larger city. FYI, the ain't no cigar worth that kind of money.

    Besides the Opus is more Hype than just is not that good a cigar.
    Fuente makes much better cigars, like the ASHTON VSG or the Fuente Chateau...

    and there are a lot of outstanding cigars available here--if you know where to look..

    Hb, cigar expert....


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