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    Default Fly to Venezuela

    Anybody that has taken the plane from S:to Domingo to Caracas? Good/bad experiences?

    Do I need a Visa to go there? I have an EU-passport. Does it matter that I have overstayed here (almost 2 years...)?

    Car, do you recommend me to park the car at St Domingo airport or is maybe Carribe Tours better...

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

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    Its 1hr 30 min flight from santo dom to caracas. This is a short time so there won't be any torture. the plane is small, so what. The flight is, relatively speaking, cheap.

    Once at the airport, try not to change the money at the bank as you will get ripped off. Change it with someone there and ask for 2000 (plus) for a dollar. They will try to offer you like 1800 boliveres but stay adament and don't go below 2000 boliveres.
    Now take a taxi and make sure you don't pay him more than 15 thousand bolivares. They will try to get 25 thousand boliveres. Don't forget, the gasoline is almost free in that country so long distance transportation costs next to nothing. Within city limit, pay 3-4 k for taxi from point A to point B.
    You will not need a visa to travel to CCS.

    When you return, make sure you have 59 thousand (i am not of the exact amount), departure fees. make sure you pay in boliveres because if you pay in dollars, they calculate in the official rate (rip off). If you must change the dollars to boliveres, again, not at the bank. All venezuelans want to change to dollars, no one wants boliveres.

    If you are in the city, go to businesses and change dollars there. They will give you much better rate than the bank or casa de cambio. Never talk to employees, always ask for the owner. Talk to him directly and change the money with him. This include any business as everyone needs dollars to travel and buy foreign goods.
    Have a nice trip.


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