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Thread: VIsitting Bavaro

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    Talking VIsitting Bavaro

    The only thing that I know:

    In parque Enriquillo there 2 Express Bus
    1 Depart 7:00am Arrive 11:00am to Friusa where is
    the Terminal.

    2 Depart 4:00pm Arrive 8:00pm to Friusa

    ***The driver can also dropp you off in Cortecito
    Just tell him.

    Any ways every 30 minute there Express bus
    going to Higuey wich one the Terminal Connect
    the Bus terminal that goes to Bavaro. Make sure
    to take the Bavaro Bus. its depart every 20 minute
    Higuey --> Bavaro.


    Cortecito Inn
    Cayacoa Hotel
    Apartamentos Villas Princesa
    Alisios Aparta Hotel
    Casita de Piedra


    Sutratural is a taxi company very organized
    they 24 hours you can call from any hotel and they will give you the rate of the places that you are going, there are also Moto-conchos by the area.

    Discos and Gentleman Club

    Mangu Disco you have access for free I don't know for New year
    because last year I paid US10.00 just for that party

    Areito Club
    Disco Pacha
    Huracan Café
    Soles Bar
    Rincon de La Salsa
    ***Better mangu disco

    Night Club

    La Punta
    El Pachi
    ******* Just take care yourself by that place

    Hotel Cortecito Inn (809)552-0639
    ask for Jose Coronado tell him you are
    friend of "EL hombre Araña de Canada"

    Good look,
    Homer Simpson
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