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    Default need help with phone, cable tv,

    Can someone tell me what phone company handles land lines in La Romana. Just got a place and need a phone and cable tv. don't know who to call.
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    Default Need landline and cable TV

    Almost certain to be Codetel, so ask and find your local codetel office. Its a good idea to find out if the line ever went to your house in the past or runs past in the street as you may have to foot a bigger connection charge. They will also need the nearest neighbours landline telephone number for reference.

    Also, when you go you will need your passport and or cedula plus most important is your best buddy Dominican who must be a codetel customer already to stand guarantor for you. That person must take their cedula with them also and will be liable for all debts incurred normally for the first 12 months. Expect to wait between 2 to 8 weeks depending on your location and how much work is involved for the hook up. If you need it for the internet then I would seriously consider DSL flash and order it at the same time but your phone goes on first then the DSL flash is done later. A phone line plus DSL flash inc tax and all the extras they think of adding to the bill brings it to 2000 pesos a month. I also heard that DSL flash kits are now DIY.

    For cable check with your neighbours first. If you are out too far from the cable network in your area then satellite is the only option.

    PS can you edit the titile to something more apt like "Need landline and cable TV" then you will get more response.
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