I had rumours about a development of a new golf course and hotel in La calle Veinte dos.Thats the street before the Pan American village.Coming from the Airport
I visited the area and found out that its more than a rumour.
The people who live on 22 told me that the buildings on one side of the street are to be torn down.in order to widen the road.There are a few very nice houses on that street.
Further down the street about 4-5kms from Las Americas there is a wall on one side of the street thats about 10ft high that runs for about another 5kms .
There was an entrance about halfway down the wall which I entered,and was approached by a man who claimed to be the site manager, he told me that a hotel/golf course complex was indeed planned,with a gated community.
He told me that the project was new and had no name and was curious as to how found out about it.(my very bad spanish become worse at that point).Apparantly the backers of this project is Western Union
I am hoping some of the DR1 regulars will have some more information on this project.