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    Default European Electric Appliances

    Is there an easy way to use or convert my European electric appliances to the DR voltage?

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    Default Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by BIBI1968
    Is there an easy way to use or convert my European electric appliances to the DR voltage?
    You can buy transformers that will step up the 110/120 volts here to 220/240 for your appliances. You must buy a unit with sufficient amperage for the appliance in question.
    Electronics such as TV's, VCR's and video cams use a different broadcast system than we do here, and although you could get them to work here with a transformer, they will only work in conjunction with your own equipment.
    Most European TV's use either Pal or Secam broadcasting systems, whereas we use NTSC.

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    Default You can get 220V in the DR


    I have a little experience in this

    Almost everywhere you can get 220 V 60 HZ. Which means that a lot of things will work:
    -coffemakers, anything that depends on making something hot etc Yes:
    -clocks: questionable, because frequency is off
    -radio, computers: yes
    -tv. video: depending if you bought a "multisystem" --> because of the difference between ntsc ad pal or secam.
    -powertools--> most probably yes.

    furthermore: in a lot of places the voltage drops below what it should be.
    people then make "reductor" to ramp up (e.g. from 90 to 110) or down
    e.g. from (180 to 110) the voltage.

    This seems a good hack but because these are mostly "transformers" and not electronic voltage regulaters everything is off again if the voltage "coming from the street" is not stable.

    there are however solutions...


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    Default Hi Tom,

    Greetings from Atlantic Canada.

    Since you asked for easy - here goes.

    Buy a step-up transformer like one of these

    They are all the same except they put out different amounts of power, depending on what type of appliance you want to run.

    You may need an adapter like J3 in this picture If the adapter is polarized (one prong wider than the other) you would then need a polarized to non-polarized adapter OR you could do as I did and file the wider prong to be the same width as the other prong.



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