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    Default Hippo's ironic quote upon his inauguration...

    I found this article from DR1 news when Hippo was inaugurated:

    Hipólito Mejía and Milagros Ortíz Bosch received their presidential and vice presidential credentials at a Junta Central Electoral event at the Hotel Jaragua yesterday. Following receiving his credential, the President-elect Mejía reiterated his commitment of staying away from the temptation of corruption. "Tal vez **** la pata, pero no la mano," he said, which translates as maybe I will put my foot in, but not my hand.
    He promised to honestly manage state resources and not touch them even with the petal of a flower, if it is not to benefit the population.
    At the event, Mejía asked that the churches pray for him, as he is a man of flesh and bones, full of limitations.

    I think the churches didn't pray hard enough as his "limitations" certainly prevailed.

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    Chris ......... Hushhhhh for Goodnes sakes. Don't give the Hippo any chance of learning this as he will then blame EVERYTHING done in his name during the last 3.5 years, at the feet of the Church!!!

    It will be the CHURCH'S fault that unemployment has risen, that all Dominicans (except those in the employ of or attached to the PRD)are much worse off. The Church will be made to be responsible for the increased prices, the fall of the pesos, the national discontent, the lies, fraud, corruption ............ etc., etc. Maybe he might go so far as to issue another of his famous "Decrees" stating that GOD (who employs the Church heirachy in the name of Hipolito Mejia anyway) was not diligent enough at his work & will be replacing Him for one of his PRD cronies.

    Hopefully fairly soon he will be receiving his just rewards in one of the prisons he has let fall into disrepair & the Note above his cell will read 'No mi Falta'!!!

    The Church should at this time be praying for hippo's quick removal from power. I will pray with them & request that their prayers this time be given HIGH priority by the Good Lord!!! - Grahame.


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