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    Talking Never a dull moment in santiago (part 2)

    If you look around you will find humor everywhere in life. Like someone's agony is another person's entertainment, someone's shocking moment can be memorable laughing thrills for many.
    I was near Utesa University going around the round-about (traffic circle) to pick up my girlfriend on the other side of the road and witnessed the following:
    A student was walking by the bushes (in the side walk of the round-about), minding his own business. Then all of the sudden 3 stray dogs jump out of the bushes fighting furiously and slammed into the legs of the pedestrian. Seemed like 2 dogs had tagged team on the one brown dog who tried to screw the bitch of the other bigger dog. They were furiously biting and screaming. The more the guy tried to run in panic, the more dogs got tangled around and between his legs. They were barking / biting and screaming in pain as the teeth sunk in to their legs from all side. The poor guy was also screaming and trying to get away from the action and almost jumped in the middle of the road, almost got run over by the cars. Finally the third intruding dog gave in and tucked his tail and ran off. But the poor guy was left in shock and horror. He almost got bitten in the excitement and almost got run over by the car. At first I was also taken by surprise when I saw the dogs jump out of the bushes fighting like mad dogs, then I saw the guy jumping all over to get away from the furious biting action, he seemed like gringo dancing to merengue beat in crazymoon disco. All this was so instantaneous but all so funny. I died laughing for the next 20 minutes.
    Only in DR where you get to see real life street dog fights and all for free. What more can you ask for in life.

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    Too funny!!! It reminded me of a time a year ago when I went to a velorio in the capital. This was a poor barrio by San Isidro...The people were praying when all of sudden this group of about 10 dogs show up chasing this female dog in heat. There was one dog who had apparently gotten lucky, but unfortunately it had gotten "stuck" to the female one. All the other dogs were attacking him and each other. The poor dog was trying to defend himself, but it was hard as it was being dragged around by the female...What a predicament, I thought...
    One of the people there turned a hose on and started spraying them and they ran into the nearby woods. I guess a cold shower does help, after all...


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