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    Default Bittersweet K1 process

    I recommend doing the K1 visa process yourself or getting a lawyer who knows what in the heck they are doing. On my April 21st interview, they asked me 2 questions and Yesenia 3 questions right at the window: Do you speak Spanish? Do you speak English? Is the boy yours? Were you working when you met? How many times have you seen Howard? That were all the questions asked. They then said Yesenia, you are approved but our son isn't?

    I was floored, they said that my lawyer should have gotten him an american passport not a Dominican one and he couldn't travel on a Dominican passport since he is technically an American since I am the biological father. I spend two days in the Consulate trying to do whatever I could to bring him back and finally had to set up an appointment for June 29th to get him his American Passport. My lawyer screwed me and I trusted that person. It is their responsibility to know what passport our son would need. Yesenia only had 30 days to travel after approval of visa and so we left for the US without our son. Little Howie is staying with his aunt and grandma in San Jose right now and I am stuck with a woman who is crying all the time because she had to leave her boy behind for almost 2 months. I will admit after the anger, and another week of being around my little boy, I had tears in my eyes too when I had to leave him to go to the Santiago airport. I am going to do everything myself now, the residency, Howie's citizenship, Yesenia's work permit, about 2000US for a worthless lawyer who places the blame on everyone else. I am going to report it to the bar association, etc. So I got Yesenia here, who is miserable without her son, and at the end of June I will have to go down by myself and bring my boy back. I don't feel like a trip report but this wasn't a good trip.

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    Default awful for you, Howard...I can't imagine, I would be crying, too, I can't imagine leaving one of my boys to move away, in fact, I don't think anything would make me do it. How long did Yesenia have on her visa before she needed to come to the States with you? Was it possible for her to stay behind until the visa is ready for your son? Nonetheless, rest safe knowing that good people are taking care of him, and it will all be over soon...

    The lawyer was American, right? How did you find him? Maybe placing his name here might save someone else problems in the future.

    Best of luck and keep us posted.

    BTW, I guess you and Yesenia are back together? Hope your dreams of being a family come together soon and everything works out.
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