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    Default Can anyone help with my Centennial Phone?

    Am I the only mug? I've bought a Centennial 3G 'phone because they promised a "free" (monthly subscription obviously) broadband connection if I plug it into my laptop. I have three problems:

    How can they tell me it's broadband? The only broadbandy thing about it is when it connects it says it has connected at 115.2K. Wow! you think - thats cooool but wait a minute! Why do the pages load so slow and why when I download anything does it run at around 5K - this is not broadband. It's worse thean a standard modem! Has anyone managed to get it to go faster?

    Despite trying for over a month to get them to give me a promised email account I am still none the wiser. They have recently taken to putting the 'phone down when I call. All I need is the name of the SMTP server. I know a bit about these new fangled 'pooters and I can get the rest to work with my UK email accounts by myself but without the SMTP address - no can do!

    Finally - Kazaa. Now I've heard about a few people who choose to download DVD's via Kazaa. Obviously I would never do anything of the sort, but when I go on-line to kazaa my login just hangs and fails to connect. Anyone else had these problems?



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    Default Cenntenial

    I also got Centennial and most of the questions my husband and I made to the person who came to our house were answer the wrong way so that we could get their family plan. The first thing they said was that always we could be connected between each other. We got 4 telephones in order to have all the kids in communication at every time. The real thing is that if you get to your limit you will be able to get calls from everybody but your own ones.

    Second thing that happened was that some one stole two of the phones, when I went to Centennial to pay for another one they gave me this outrageous price in comparison with what I got the first ones. According to them, the fist ones were subsidies but now we had to pay the "full amount."
    We never got this information. Now I have a 2 years contract and I had to get the new phones because I am paying as if I had THEM. Every time I come to them I remain them when is due my contract because definitely I will stop using their services.

    We have a teenager who makes to many phone calls, and since we new, we asked at the beginning ,if this was the case if we could put her in the card system. They answer was "of course this wont be a problem", well is not like that, according to them now, if we put her in that plan then she wont be part of the family plan, so we wont be able to communicate with her free as we can now.

    In Semana Santa their biggest advertisement was that from all the island you could communicate, our daughter went to Las Terrenas, and there we could never talk to her.

    This and other thing happened with Centennial, they donít provide the truth when your are considering to use their services. I donít recommend them for this reason.

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