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    Default Laser Eye Surgery

    Occasionally there have been posts asking about the availability and cost of laser eye surgery in the Dominican Republic.

    Dr. Carlino M. Gonzalez of Unidad Oftalmologica, the eye surgeon who removed the cataracts from my wife's eyes, merits serious consideration. Several of the doctors we go to in Santo Domingo have had laser surgery by him, as have several other friends. All recommend him highly. The present charge for the operation is US$450/eye.

    Dr. Gonzalez is one of 6 eye specialists in the Unidad Oftalmologica. Each doctor has different specialties, so that all possible eye problems are covered by the group. Unidad Oftalmologica is located in the Institute of Cirugia Especializada at #208 Ave Bolivar in Santo Domingo. The phone number is 687-5857

    Dr. Gonzalez performs laser surgery every Thursday and cataract removal every Wednesday.

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    Its the same cost in the U.S.

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    Default laser surgery

    Did you say'it's the same in the U.S.?' $900.00 for laser surgery. hat seems not only cheap but scary. My understanding is that to do it safely the laser machine has to be planted/immobilized to a high degree, the calibration devises are computer generated and the cutting laser is also of special bandwidth.
    Only have one set of eyes. I would be careful.
    Oh, by the way, I have had laser surgery to correct nearsightedness. It has been 5 years. No glasses. no halo's at night. no floaters. no need for glasses to read except in dim light.
    Just my 2 cents of caution.


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