Hello All,

I've been reading posts on this site and other sites regarding the DR. I'm making plans on my first visit there as part of my Memorial's Day trip. I will be in Miami(South Beach) from 5/28 - 6/1. From 6/1 to 6/8 I am trying to make it to the DR. I just don't know where yet....Looks like I might try 1 day in Santo Domingo, 1 day Santiago and then the rest in the Puerto Plata/Sosua area. Is this a good sensible idea or am I stretching myself to thin here? Should I just concentrate on one area during my first visit to get a feel for the DR?

A lil' about me:
Black(living in NY and PA I've always been mistaking for Dominican or Puerto Rican...Even Egyptian!...I have a weird skin color. Kind of a redish tint...lol)
33...Athletic...Not a bad looking person
Great personality. Very social. Love to laugh, dance, drink, explore. Easy going.
I listen to all kinds of music. Mostly R & B, Hip Hop, Reggae, etc... But I can listen and dance to just about anything.

Sorry for what seems to be a singles profile above. I just like to let people know from the door what kind of person I am and maybe this will help the wise one's on this board guide me a lil.....

I seek to party. Party hard and long into the morning time. I am getting away from the great, rainy NW part of the US(Portland, Or.). I need sunshine, beaches, friendly people and distance between me and my life here....

I've read great things. Seems like I should try the North Coast. More Americans, better beaches, and a better spot to party. I wouldn't mind seeing a major city like Santo Domingo or Santiago. Heard great things about Santiago. I want to explore but at the end of the day I do not want to be bored. Know what I mean? Go to a club or bar and buy the first round....Get at some beautful women while I'm at it. I'm not looking for p4p women, but if that's what falls in my lap at the end of the day then you will not here me complaining. It's just that I've never done that and never needed to. I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of you while down there because if you're half as funny in person as you are on these boards then you are going to be a good friend of mine.

One more thing. This will only be my second trip out of the US. First was to Acapulco in Feb. of this year. I was scared and excited at the same time. Got there and fell in love with the place. It was gorgeous. A city, not resort town like Cancun, of over 1.5 million people. I roamed without ever once being afraid. The locals were great. I made a lot of friends down there old and young. So if anyone has ever been to Acapulco and thinks that the DR has places similiar to this then please lead me in the right direction.

I look forward to all advise and information on where I should go for my first trip to DR. Think about it from this perspective as if it were you and you could do it over again for the first time: 7 days of DR.......

Take care and thanks,