....the real war is about to begin.

it doesn't matter what you say - the prd is, was and will always be the biggest political party.
unfortunately, right now, there is a lot of rot.

hatuey, the real winner of the election (leonel would still be waiting a final result without him), will have to watch his back. sanchez baret is on the warpath.
hatuey is the only one left who can re-unite the party, even by accepting some of the pph back into its fold. however he will have to take control as soon as possible, the longer it takes, the worse it will be.

sanchez baret, the temporary prd president, has said that the members of the party who did not support hipolito and the pph will be punished. most people will laugh that off and tell you the pph is finished. true, but watch out for sanchez baret, he is equivalent to a giant rat trapped in a corner. when this man is angry he is dangerous, bordering on the psychotic.
he has accused the anti-reelectionists of buying off reformistas - the pph still find it so hard to believe that the prsc hardly figured at all in this election.

whilst other members like tony raful, sjb and even hipolito himself will simply melt away, sanchez baret will be out for blood. he will certainly make it a nervous time for all in the prd, whatever side they are on.
he will be one person that will become a thorn in everyone's side - the sooner this man has stepped down, the sooner life will become easier for everyone.