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    Default ABC Nightline tonight

    Anyone see the program? I saw half of it about DR. They showed the floods here. And discussed about how poor the country is. They said over 4000 Dominicans have been caught this year trying to leave here in Yolas along highway 19(Shark Alley..water route to Puerto Rico). They reported that the prices have gone up at least 300 to 400 percent in the last year. They intervied a 21 year old boy. He said he would keep trying to get to USA to make money to send to his family here in DR. Then someday he would return here to live and build a house for his mother and sister.

    What struck me was many people in USA would risk their lives so they could send their family money and have a dream of building thier mother a house? This is why I love this country. The people. These people here have taught me so much that I never even thought of before. They have made me appriciate what I have always taken forgranted.

    I love this country!
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    I didn't see this program tonight, but I agree with you. What most of the people in North America lack, is what people in countries with worse economies and poor conditions have. They are happy to have what they have, instead of complaining that they still dont have enough...


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