I am about to head back to the States from My first DR vacation. I was turned on to this board by some people in Puerto Plata and have received a lot of good info from it.

On Thursday I called Hotel La Posada De Piedra to make a reservation for Sat and Sun. A lady named Morena took my reservation over the phone and said that no other info was needed, just my name.

When I arrived on Sat. Morena told me that I did have a reservation but that the owner rented out my room to someone else. She said that I could rent a room across the street.

Because I was on a limited budget and the hotel across the street was double the price I asked if they would pay the difference. Morena said that I need to speak with the owner who was not there. She pointed to a man digging sand out back and said that he was the owners husband (he looked European in his 60s).

I asked to speak to him and Morena went out and told him that I was asking for compensation. He told her to tell me to come back later (in other words to get lost - I do speak Spanish). I approached him and told him that this was not acceptable and that he should compensate me the difference.

He began waving his shovel in a threatening manner and started yelling like a madman for me to leave. I took his advice and left.

I do not recommend this hotel for the obvious reasons stated above.

As a side note, the rest of my vacation was great (north coast, Santiago and Santo Domingo)