Hi everyone,
I used to live in the DR last year, and will be moving back for next year. In the meantime however, I have taken to obsessively reading the daily news at DR1

I'm a member of the ELCA (don't worry - I'm not trying to getting anyone to join my church...) and right now all of the money (or a great majority of it) raised by the ELCA World Relief fund is going to flood relief in the DR and Haiti....

Somehow I got roped into speaking in front of my congregation on Sunday for 3-4 minutes about the situation there. I plan on sharing my personal experiences with both Haitians and Dominicans, etc., but I was wondering if anyone had any stories or ideas of anything else to include, especially if it is related to the recent flooding. As you can tell, I'm a bit nervous

Well, take care everyone, and I hope to hear back from some/all of you.