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Thread: Cell Phone Text Messaging

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    Default Cell Phone Text Messaging

    Can someone tell me if I send a text message from my Verizon phone in the US to someone with an Orange phone in the DR, will it go through? Does it depend on what make of phone they have or what level of service? Excuse my ignorance- I have search and read threads regarding cell phone service in the DR but still am not sure about this...


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    I believe that Orange charges for messaging or at least someone posted that they did when I posted a site that does it to free from the Internet.


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    Default Text messaging from Europe

    Hello all,
    Just picking up on jean-marie's thread: Does it work sending text messages from Europe to an Orange gsm in DR?
    When I was in SD last month my friend recieved text messages from Switzerland on her Nokia Orange gsm phone. When I got back home, I tried the same with my Nokia gsm from Belgium but it doesn't work. My operator tells me that Orange Dominicana blocks all incoming international text messages to its own dominican clients but does let messages through to foreigners in the DR using their foreign cell phone and number and who are simply using Orange's network. Is this correct or does it depend on the level of subscription the DR clients have?


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