[QUOTE=Musicqueen]GAYS, GAYS, GAYS...all over the place!!! (Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, as a matter of fact, I have many gay friends, that's not the point of this!) I could not believe my eyes when I walked into "Las Caņas" at the Barcelo complex the first night ..."

I was told today that the nightclub at Altos de Chavon would probably be very quiet in the off season and I would like my guests to have at least one evening out at a lively venue. I am considering arranging a night out at the Barcelo complex at the club quoted above (Las Canas) for friends who will be staying with me at Casa de Campo later in July. We would pay the Barcelo non-guest fee for entry if necessary. Would it be worth the trip from Casa de Campo to the Barcelo complex in Punta Cana? I was told by my villa agent the drive is about 2 and a half hours. Is Barcelo really that far away from La Romana?

Many thanks in advance.

Ms. Z