I'm kind of new to this board but not to the DR and definitely not to the Caribbean. This is probably the only time of the year that most of us who live here really pay any serious attention to the weather. Today I looked at the wind patterns hitting the North Coast and it reminded me that someone better have a look what's headed this way from the coast of Africa.

I'm happy to report there aint nothin' out there. As NOAA puts it "no tropical weather in the East Atlantic through Monday" As I see it, that means no major (ie hurricane candidates) weather for at least a week headed this way. That doesn't mean we might not have some rain on this coast in the middle of the week from the tropical waves that roll through here this time of year with boring regularity.

Sit back, drink a cerveza, enjoy the breezes on the north coast, and if anything significant crops up on the horizon, I'll let you know.