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    Default Updated earthquake article

    Hey guys,

    The researchers from the US that came to the DR to investigate our earthquakes last year just sent me this article - it contains a full summary of what is known about the seismic conditions in the DR, and is being published in some magazines.

    If you have already studied our situation closely, you will probably find nothing new, but it is interesting to see it all put together properly. I also asked paul about timeframes, and he said its like predicting the weather, and that the appropriate timeframe to think of is "months to centuries" before the next one comes.

    I hope this is useful.


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    Let's hope it is centuries.

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    Default That is some scary schitt!

    If you read it all the way through, it seems to say that a 7.0 event is on the horizon, but they don't knwo where the horizon is!

    In fact at one spot they said that if the 800 year time frames is used and a slippage of up to 12mm/year were to be calculated, thee was still 4.8 mts to be moved during an earthquake. Not much left standing around here if that hits us.

    Intellectually, it is a stimulating article and it is good to see that major institutions are working on this-not Dominican institutions, but major nonetheless..



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