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Thread: Are politicians voting records recorded?

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    Default Are politicians voting records recorded?

    If they are in fact recorded then it seems that this is how the masses could be informed as to who had a hand in helping to bring this beautiful country down to where it is today. As the 2006 elections approach it seems to me as a good idea to advertise the voting records of these politicians and possibily bring about change in the political make-up. I have read a number of posts by Dominicans as to what they can do to bring about change and this is a way that they could take an active part. The Dominicans will listen to another Dominican especially if that person is well versed as to what is going on. When I talk with the Dominicans there is an automatic firewall put up by most of the people solely for the reason that I'm an American. Not everyone but most of them.
    New politicians don't need to be from a different political party you just need new politicians that have the welfare of the whole country in their hearts. If all the politicians had the welfare of the DR in their hearts they could all be PRD and the president and the politicians could bring this country up by leaps and bounds.
    Am I way off base?


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    Default No Rick

    I think you're right on the mark!

    The problem will be in gaining access to the voting record, by each legislator, as to how he voted on each measure. While I'm sure that those records are available, I'm not so sure that they are available for publication to the general public.
    Sorry folks, but I have to point out that while the voting record of individual legislators are available to open scrutiny in the US Congress, the voting record of those same legislators, when voting within the body of the various committees, ARE NOT released without the specific approval of the individual.
    I learned of hat just yesterday through a comment by the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Surprise!, Surprise! Now i ask, where is OUR transparency in government???

    Your idea has great merit. Now all we need to do is to convince the rest of the DR as to this and see who salutes the flag.

    Porfi, NalOws, any ideas, contacts who can help???

    Texas Bill

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    Default Great Idea...

    Because once the value system of a majority of Dominican voters is significantly changed we only have one or two generations to wait before Dominican politics have anything at all to do with issues.

    I think the DR equivelant of a voting record for US lawmakers would be the list of people that politician would support, and who's list he is on. If you or anyone you know is on the list you vote for him, if not you vote for someone else.


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