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    Question need info on taking pet dog to dr

    we are bringing our pet bichon with us to dr for six months. what do we need re vacinations, certificates,stampsupon arrival? have any of you any of you taken your dog down with you as carry on so that your dog is with you all the time? the goods and the bads vs air baggage?

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    Default Advice

    If you use the link below you will have your answer as to what to do. Thank you Hillbilly.

    Be sure to check with the airline about traveling with your mascot, there may be some restrictions. Also, a very important factor is to be considerate of the amount of time your pet will be able to tolerate in the travel kennel while in transit. A direct non-stop flight and under seat stowage in the passenger cabin is best.

    Pet travel within the baggage/cargo compartment is risky. One of the risks is because the temperature in the hold cannot be adjusted as it is in the passenger cabin. Because, when the aircraft are idle at the ramp, heat will buildup in the cargo hold and prejudice the pet's health if they are placed there. Some airlines will embargo pet travel in the cargo hold during the summer months.

    Follow the advice and enjoy your visit.



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    Follow HB guidelines and you will have no problems. Brought down my Rodesian Ridgeback 2 weeks ago via Aeropostal. No problems here, don't know about US lines though. BTW I had to legalise the document from vet services at the registrar's office first, to legalise the document at the Dom. consulate. Rabies at least 40 days pryar to voyage, documents no older than 2 weeks.

    Good Luck.


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