Dear Dolores:

I am asking your opinion as it seems you are knowledgeable with everything so please if you could answer some questions.

A friend who is a travel agent strongly advises to NOT visit Punta Cana at this time even though we will loose our money, she claims Punta Cana does not have the resources to properly clean up this area. Is this in fact true? I have seen a few pictures and quite frankly the damages do not "look" as bad as the situation probably is.

The bridge that transfers food, beverages, fuel, etc. - saw pictures as of today and there is no bridge. Where are these supplies coming from? I have no idea where you are, but do you know what we can expect upon entering these resorts within 4 - 6 weeks after a hurricane? What about travel from the airport to these resorts? Are the roads o.k.? Will we be detoured?

Back to the sanitation issue - the water issue I understand, drink bottled water. Will this supply be short? Will these properties resort to using local water to cook or clean food?

Opinions are all over the map with travelling to Punta Cana - your personal insight PLEASE. C'mon Dolores you can do it!!!!! And thank you.