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Thread: Condo Problem Plaza Turisol (Puerto Plata)

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    Question Condo Problem Plaza Turisol (Puerto Plata)

    I own a Condo Commercial unit in Plaza Turisol, I have been away from my office for a couple of weeks Vacation.
    Upon my return today I found that a large wall had been constructed on the street, from the front of the Plaza all the way to the back entrance where my office is located. The new wall stops half way over the entrance that I use. The new wall also is in front of the 4 car parking area that I once used, No one has complained because he has bought all the way back to me so I'm the only person along with my staff and clients that ever use this common public side entrance!
    The person who built the wall owns the unit in the front of the Plaza and has bought all the way down to my office that is separated from his six units that are all combined, We are separated by the side entrance way....
    So now I have no sun light in the hall way, No parking for myself or my clients.
    My night girl is afraid to leave at 10:00 PM. because the view from the street is now blocked.
    It turns out that this guy had permission only from the Plaza Administration?
    I want things put back the way the were and I'm ready to fight this guy Legally.
    Anyone who can give me some advice on where I should start first? Keeping in mind that this guy is very big and powerfull in Puerto Plata.
    Thanks in advance....


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    My first reaction is that IF your protagonist is that big & powerful in the Ouerto Plata area, then you would be best advised to try & sort it out amicably! I obviously don't know the why's & wherefore's of the legal side, but as you are well aware, here money (& the right connections) talks louder than the rights afforded in any legal documents.

    Just round the corner from you towards the back of the Plaza, is Argentina Brugal's office. She is pretty well conected & might have empathy with your side of the argument - sufficient to give you some sensible advice on how best to restore the entrance & car parking to an acceptable facility for you!

    Good Luck ~ Grahame.

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    What do the condo documents say? Was the wall built on a common area? If it was you may have a case. Common areas cannot be "privatized" without the unanimous consent of all the condo owners.


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