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    Default Pa lante que va la RD

    I am back from a 10 days stay in SD. I had not been there since last April. What a change..

    I am a bit surprised when I see all the boards only negative comments about the situation.

    Of course prices remain high. When translated into dollars or (in my case) euros they are very high. If you are vacationing and not staying in an AI, you are having tough time.

    But ALL Dominican people I have talked to (which I agree are mostly lower class, with some exceptions) are positive and happy. Hay un futuro, hay una perspectiva.

    Many self employed in the streets are doing well. Business is slow but profit margins are high, and with the wage increase to come there will be more money available.

    Cement price is down, varilla also I guess, this will help construction. And some prices like rice and cooking oil have dropped. The oil prices have slightly decreased, where they would have gone to 130-140 a gallon if the dollar had been staying at the same level.

    All those who invested their US dollars in the past few years have been doing fairly well, I think, despite of the slowdown. And still more when the US rate is dropping.

    Now it is expensive to move to DR. That's normal. Forget about the power joke, and consider all the assets of the DR. This is not Malawi or Mongolia, neither Haiti. Cheap DR belongs to the past.

    Anybody else positive around?


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    Yes the country is positive compared to how it was 6 months ago or more. Thank God the PRD horde is gone. All the negative comments come from those unfullfilled people who can't find any other hobby rather than bashing DR's current situation despite that the country has recently experienced the worst 4 years of its history. Keep the faith. "E pa lante que vamos".


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