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    Question Working & Childcare - how does this work in DR?

    Hey all!

    As I am still deciding whether moving to the DR is the right thing for me to do with my 5 yr old son - I still need some advice!!

    How does it work with working, school and child care. While I was in DR I was told that school takes place at different times in the day so as to accomodate a working parent - or working child.

    In England it is taken for granted that you work a regular 9-5 job. your child goes to school 9-3 and then they either go to an after school club or you get a child minder. (Obviously im being very general this is not the case for everyone, I dont want anyone to start critiscing me for this!!)

    So if anyone could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated.


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    Default childcare

    Depending on what type of work you intend to do here, you most likely can afford a housekeeper / nanny. IT seems to be what most people do. It is very affordable here.

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    Kids go to school in the morning, from 8am till 12pm. In the afternoon you have the option to put them in activities; art, music, sport, etc... (in other schools) or leave them at home with a nanny ( I pay my nanny RD$4000/month). The schools open in the afternoon are for older kids or universities. During summer vacation some schools will offer a summer camp from 8am till 5pm.


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