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    Default Gifts, Tips And Bartering

    I will be at Secrets in Punta Cana in January and with the poverty, etc. would like to know what I could bring to give to the staff (as well as tips) that they could use for themselves or take home to their families. I realize the hotel supplies shampoo, etc. so what else would be welcomed by them.
    Also, the bartering - is there something they would like to barter for as new hats, T Shirts, etc.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated
    [email protected]
    Is there a site where I could read about the people that work in the hotels, and what other type of work they have to do. Where they live, etc.
    Thanks What their needs are
    Hope I can be of some help

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    Default Do a search

    There are several intensive and recent threads on this. Basically just like where you live tips = CASH. Not cosmetics, hotel shampoo (which is pretty obvious that you just took it from your room), etc. $2 a day to a maid, best given to her in her hand is good, and restaurants, tip the hostess $5 the first day and watch the service subsequently. Waiters - I tip 15 or 20% and forget about service added on the bill which I am onvinced they see little of anyway - and in an AI, a tip of RD$100 for a meal for two is not out of line.

    If you want to supplement with something of local culture (like Canadian Maple Syrup, as an example) then that might be nice. But if you were a waitress or maid in your town and someone gave you clothes or shampoo you'd think they thought you were poor and unable to buy the stuff and that is an insult not a gratuity.

    It is not usually agreat idea to post your e-mail in public forums unless you want a pile of SPAM in your inbox, BTW.

    I would not imagine batering is very likely period. When you have little what are you going to barter with?


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