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    Default dog lover's one sick dog

    Hi , It's a dog's life. I found out today Estar the German Shepard from the fat chicken is very sick. I think she has a swollen head with some oshing out. If anybody can help my Friend Joselin. She can be reach at XXX-XXX-XXXX Any and all help will be very much aprciete Robert

    I'm sorry about having to block the telephone #, but your friend would have to put it up her-self.

    People can still e-mail and PM you if you turn the features on.

    I would ask around about finding a Vet.

    Or just keep coming back to read the replies and you can call her.

    Again, my sympathy's for the pet.
    Thanks Tim H.
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    Is this Sosua area? Contact Dr. Bob the vet or Judy's Pet Lodge. In view of previous comment I had better not post phone number.........but I have done so in past when someone asked, so if you do a should find it.

    Or click on this thread where number is posted
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    Exclamation Telephone #'s!!!!!

    I have no problem with a posting of a Business or Professional Telephone #, that is not Spam related, or free advertisement.

    Personal phone #'s, should not be posted.

    Tim H.


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